Who is OverHaul Fitness?

OverHaul Fitness is a Mobile and Online Personal Training company that specializes in weight loss.  

What does mobile mean? It means we come to you: we meet you at the closest Public Facility In Edmonton or Sherwood Park (eg. Terwillegar, Kinsmen, Millennium Place, etc.) or we can even meet you are your house or do the odd outside workout when the weather is nice; we have a TRX and a few other pieces of equipment.

What is Online Personal Training?  We upload the workouts we've created for you, as well as your nutrition program (like a meal plan), to a smartphone app (where you can follow along as you workout and input your reps and weights) and website (where you can print out your workout, meal plan, etc.).  We then coach you through your program "from a distance," and connect via in-app messaging, emails, skype, or phone calls; we even do face-to-face meetings for local clients (Edmonton and surrounding area).

Our Philosophy:

We are big believers in practicality, we believe in coaching our clients to make small practical changes that have large, long lasting and impactful results.  We also value educating our clients so that we can empower them and provide them with the necessary information to become independent.

We also work closely with Andrea Hardy, RD, from Ignite Nutrition, which allows us to provide the greatest level of expertise for weight loss.  Further, it allows us to broaden the clientele that we can work with while remaining in the scope of our practice; with Andrea's help we are able to effectively help Diabetics, Crohns, Gluten & Lactose intolerances, etc.  Something to note: all services done with our Dietitian can be claimed with your health benefits.

"We help you trim your waistline, In-person or Online."

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Main site: www.OverHaulFitness.ca

OverHaul Fitness Trainers:

Michael Fouts

4 years of experience

About Michael Fouts

Mike is passionate about health and fitness. He does triathlons during the summer and squash (the racquet sport, not the vegetable) year-round. Mike is big on practicality and likes educating his clients: make changes that are practical and that will stick, and do exercise that you enjoy - not everyone has to lift weights in the gym; although as you age, weight-bearing exercises are important. Mike's a sucker for a warm soft cookie, and foods with crunchy textures.

Connect with Mike, Twitter: @mikeofpt, Instagram: @mikeofpt, email: Mike@overhaulfitness.ca

Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP)

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